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Our Executive Director

On behalf of the Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation,
thank you for your support – past, present and future.

The mission of the Mountain Brook City Schools Foundation is to support our students and faculty members in their pursuits of excellence.  We are the only local organization that provides funding to our schools and touches every student, every teacher and every grade.  The Foundation makes amazing things happen from kindergarten through graduation at each of the Mountain Brook schools and by partnering with the Foundation, you become an investor in the future of our students.

Annual grants given by the Foundation to the school system enhance the outstanding learning experience that each Mountain Brook student receives. To date, the Foundation has awarded more than $7.1 million in the areas of teacher development, technology and library enhancements.   Our endowment is now valued at more than $9.1 million, and we need your help to continue its growth.

When the Foundation was established 25 years ago, there was great concern over the lack of state funding for public education.  While we are incredibly proud of our endowment, it is unfortunately not enough to fully fund the system’s growing needs.  Your donation to the Foundation helps bridge this gap.  For this reason, we ask that you consider a gift to the Foundation as a way to ensure the long-term quality of Mountain Brook schools.

Mountain Brook is truly an outstanding community because of its residents, leadership and school system. Partner with us; invest with us. You will see the daily impact your gift for decades to come.

Rachel Weingartner
Executive Director

Board of Directors

The future is now.

The Foundation continues to mobilize community support for the enhancement of our schools.

With your help, the Foundation's endowment can provide an annual grant

to the school system that keeps pace with its growing needs.

Success Begets
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More Success

The Mountain Brook community has never once wavered in the charge to support its schools.

From a mere idea in 1992 to today, more than $10 million has been raised for the Foundation through the generosity and commitment of the people of our city. The guidelines set forth by our founding stewards assure that every penny donated is an investment that will benefit our schools, our children, and our city for decades to come.

Your Investment
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Well Managed

From the outset, the Foundation’s leadership established guidelines to ensure that every gift made will make a positive impact on the school system immediately and in the future.

Your gift to the Foundation will be invested in an endowment that is managed by a group of professional investment advisors.  The endowment's spending and investment policies are continually monitored by the Foundation's Board of Directors to ensure a proper balance between the Foundation's near-term income needs and long-term growth objectives.

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