Institute for Innovation

Connecting the dots you don’t see.

In the spring of 2013, a team of Mountain Brook leaders affirmed their belief that education must be transformed.

While attending the CoSN Conference and sharing ideas with other school districts such as Scarsdale Public Schools, our leaders decided to add another facet to the Metamorphosis Project:  The Institute for Innovation at Mountain Brook Schools. In the fall of 2014 teachers attended the kickoff meeting for the Institute for Innovation. Funding for selected innovative ideas is provided by the Mountain Brook Schools Foundation.

The Institute for Innovation helps to establish a pathway for a culture of innovators. Mountain Brook encourages opportunities for growth and innovative practices to equip learners with the skill set for the 21st century: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and effective communication.

Our Mission

To establish a pathway for a culture of innovators. It is empowering teachers and students to live with a growth mindset and problem solve through play, passion, and purpose. The process will foster a community of contributors who apply knowledge to situations and create new-to-the-world ideas. Through the support of the Mountain Brook Schools Foundation, Institute for Innovation will focus on educational transformation.

The purpose for the Institute is for students to learn to:

  • To problem solve through play, passion, and purpose
  • To create new-to-the-world ideas
  • To empower teachers and students with a growth mindset
  • To learn how other organizations and individuals foster innovative practices
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