Your Investment At Work

Our Core Areas of Improvement

Annual support benefits students and teachers at all four elementary schools, the junior high, and the high school. The Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt corporation formed to insure continuous school improvements in the following core areas.

Professional Learning

Empowering and cultivating our schools’ teachers.

The Foundation proudly supports Mountain Brook teachers and faculty through professional development. Since 1992, it has funded over 180,000 hours of teacher training as well as summer stipends for professional development. The Foundation also funds the school system’s annual summer learning conference.

“The fact that we get to attend our own learning conference and learn from other teachers in our system has been huge. Knowing that with every new program the district gets we are going to be trained, and trained well on it, is so reassuring in every way. We do not worry about having to learn something new because we know we are going to be supported through professional development.”

Mitchell Nelson

Mountain Brook Elementary Kindergarten Teacher


Curating our schools’ technological tools.

The largest portion of the Foundation’s annual grant is focused on the ever-changing area of technology. This entails ChromeBooks and related technology for every student in 7th through 12th grades. We significantly supplement the cost of the ChromeBooks per family through our grant. Additionally, the grant includes providing ChromeBooks for elementary school teachers at all four elementary schools.

Supplementing the cost of the technology bundle and Chromebooks for students in 7th through 12th grades.

Providing Chromebooks for every teacher at each of the six schools.

Funding Seesaw Digital Portfolio software for the elementary schools.

Purchasing classroom data projectors.

Donating school sound equipment.

Library Enhancements

Sustaining our schools’ literary resources.

The Foundation protects and strengthens our school system’s libraries through its annual grant. Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has funded more than 9,000 library books and magazines for the school system. The Foundation also provides our libraries with helpful technology such as interactive screens and online software like Bookflix and Trueflix.

The future is now.

The Foundation continues to mobilize community support for the enhancement of our schools. With your help, the Foundation’s endowment can provide an annual grant to the school system that keeps pace with its growing needs.